Castle Remey

The estate of Castle Remey is a farm wineries located in the Plana d’Urgell, in the municipality of Penelles, Lleida, between Tarrega and Balaguer, 135 km from Barcelona and 40 km from Lleida. The vineyards are part of the Costers del Segre.

The land is flat and irrigation. It is located 300 m above sea level and located within the region of Noguera. The land is a former lake bottom lands is characterized by limestone and granite. The climate is continental, cold winters and hot summers and low rainfall. The estate has got to have in 1090, being the largest irrigated estates in Catalonia. In 1982 the property passed to the family Girona, which had almost 130 years to the family Cusin, and since then has reduced its size significantly.

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