– Sunday)

Short Weekend

(Saturday – Sunday)**

(7 nights min.)
 Rates       375 € 325 € 900 €**


* The entrance will be from 16: 00h.
** Price may vary according to season and number of weeks.


Ask prices for weekends, holidays and any other unique combination they want.

This price includes VAT, the entire household, firewood and barbecue, paddles and ping-pong balls for football and various board games.

Not included: the tax on stays in tourist establishments apply a rate of € 0.50 per person over 16 years old the first 7 nights.


Booking conditions

  • The whole house is rented to one group.
  • Pets are allowed (provided they respect the environment and the house)
  • To close the reservation must make a delivery up to 25%.


According to current regulations, the cancellation made within 10 days prior to arrival date results in the following penalties:

Up to two days, 50% of the total price of the stay.
Reserve 3 to 7 days, 35% of the total price of the stay.
Booking more than 7 days, 25% of the total price of the stay.
The above penalties do not apply when the cancellation occurs outside major causes duly accredited.


The number of people staying overnight in the house can not exceed the number stipulated in the booking must be notified of any change it.
The facilities are exclusively for people housed.